36 Hours to Episode II: The Attack of the Clones

I can’t wait another 36 hours for Star Wars. I just can’t. And to think I waited 2 months after the release to see Episode II (and I wasn’t disappointed, as many people would lead you to believe). I couldn’t do that now.

And to make the wait a little more bearable, I’ve been keeping myself busy with Episode II stuff for the site. Click on the image for 3 new very cool Episode II wallpapers I just put together. Very cool stuff. I made it from the back of the Celebration II program and some other sources.

Next, I have some news from Mark Jonathan Davis, the Star Wars Cantina man himself:


Well, it’s just a matter of days before Star Wars: Episode 2 hits theaters, and there’s no better way to celebrate the new movie than with an old parody song!

Yes, be sure to visit MJD’s Intergalactic Comedy Hacienda to hear my comedy parody song “The Star Wars Cantina” right before you go see the film. And, if you can get a bunch of your friends to sing it together in line (or in the theater during the previews), that’d be rad!

Plus, if you can somehow get CNN or another national TV network to air some footage of you singing my parody this weekend, I’ll give you a very special secret “Star Wars Cantina” collectible commemorative surprise souvenir gift item that will make all your friends envious with glee!

Let me know what channel to watch, thanks for your support, and enjoy the flick!

Best wishes,
Mark Jonathan Davis

And do check out his Idea Town web site while you’re there!

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