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Attack of the Clones Novel

On the forum some people got their hands on a copy of the Episode II novel. Note some interesting facts (SPOILER ALERT):

The first chapter is a vision anakin has. 2-3 are about shimi and padme. 4 is what we will see in movie corde dies. on kamino sifo dyas was a real master! killed almost ten years ago according to obi.
sifo dyas being real and dead is a biggie. plo koon said two lines in palpatine’s office. i never read about those. the chase after zam was really descriptive.

Okay Yes the padme’s family is in the book. In chapter 2 padme is talking with sola and watching her nieces play tag.then at her office panaka stops buy to discuss her security when she returns to the senate. she says it is months away.they are given news that the trade federation seceded. chapter 1 is shimi outside thinking about anakin. today was his b day. owen comes out and talks with her. in chap 2 shimi is 3 cliegg and owen and farmers go after her. cliegg loses his leg. owen and cliegg only survive.

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