Star Wars WinAmp Skins

We have four separate WinAmp skins for download; I’ve rated them out of 4 stars below to give you an idea of their quality. Enjoy!

Star Wars Episode I Skin – ****stars – 112KBytes

Tatooine Suns – ***stars – 100 KBytes

ROTJ – ***stars – 118 KBytes

YodAmp – ***1/2 stars – 94 KBytes

5 replies on “Star Wars WinAmp Skins”

I hate to be blunt, but, the “Tatooine Suns” Winamp skin really kinda can’t see a thing about what youre doing. It’s as if the creator just didn’t give a crap about how it looked.

Yeah- sorry about that. I’m still trying to find better Star Wars Winamp Skins. Let me know if you know of any out there.

I’m a beginning of a starting out author i need ideas about rulings from the dark side of the force because i’m writing books on the darkside of the force the years of the new empire order, and i am trying to come up with names of alien species, and galaxy names not menchond in starwars movies. because I need to find out this. i’m writing a book right now i’m only coming up with a few things i also want names of sith lords that you could come up with.

Thanks ,
Darren Mc Adams

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