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A phenomenal collection of sounds for download from the Star Wars trilogy!

Episode I Sounds
Classic Trilogy
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Episode I Sounds
Watto: "I’m betting a-heavily on Subulba!" (mp3, 53kb)
Sebulba: "Poodoo!" (wav, 61kb)
Padme: "You’re a funny little boy!" (wav, 108kb)
Watto: "Don’t get me wrong-o." (wav, 66kb)
Amidala: "Our people are dying senator." (wav, 80kb)
Jar Jar: "Yousa people gonna die?" (wav, 40kb)
Anakin: "Will I ever see you again" (wav, 64kb)
Sidious: "Wipe them out. all of them" (wav, 47kb)

Classic Trilogy
Han Solo :

Luke Skywalker :

Princess Leia :


Darth Vader :

Emperor Palpatine :

Boba Fett :

Master Yoda :

Obi Wan Kanobi :

Ewoks :



Other :


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just awesome site one of my all favortie site,, thank you for creating it…see if you get more Obi Wan Kenobi from Episode 1,2,3 keep up the awesome work and if you have myspace plz add me….

Anyone know where i can find that sound the deathstar makes when the laser charges before it fires? That’s a wicked sound.

CLONES ROCK! 501ST!! Any way I took a 10 minute tour around and stars just made me realize it’s cool and it,s 4 star clones needed leads to 1000000000 a trillion stars

Hey, this site is truly awsome! im currently in the process of making a star wars animation! The only thing i need now is light sabers clashing and the low hum the saber makes when its moving. if you have them please send them to me at thanks and May The Force Be With You

Hi, I have some excellent quality sounds and voice grabs straight from the movies with NO (none at all) background noise. They Range from R2-D2 to Ewoks (lots of Ewok sounds) and even some new clone wars sounds. If you would like them just drop me an email and I can send them to you free of charge.

please get the sounds froom the AT-AT pilots when confirming orders attacking rebel base at hoth and the Tie Fighter Pilots ( when answering vader in the trench on the deathstar )

hi there – great site
trying to find sounds of the speeder bikes zipping by, from the redwoods chase scene in Return of the jedi

some episode V battle of hoth sounds would be cool and im trying to find AT-AT sounds when it walks and fires it cannons plus some wampa sounds would be great

Im looking for the sound fx like the ones on the guy on youtube, Pizzamovies. Also stuff like exploshions I bet you wont be able to find these but they are the video effects like the blasters exploshions, tons of blasters shooting ( also the sound ) , speeders at-te walkers , and starfighters ( republic dropship )

Thanks, Unknown

Best c3po quote from ep 2 is missing “Well shut me down! Machines making machines!” Get that, and you are the first on the interwebs…

Oh wow
Best Star Wars sound effects i have seen
I started collecting of star wars, and i think
u already know that i’m an animator.
I make Lego Star Wars Animations When I
Have Good Characters.
These Sounds I 100% Use

Where could I Find the sound we can hear before the Death Star fires ? (we also can hear it in Force Unleashed a few time before it fires)

Hi! Can you send me darth vader’s and yoda’s wav. tones? I have been looking for this for a long time! Thanks a lot brother!

These sound files are awesome! I desperately need a TIE blaster sound effect. Can you help me out please?

I need a blaster sound for an animation (I need a different one from the one already there!)

Any chance you can get a copy of the Krayt dragon roar that Obi-wan does in ep IV when he chases away the Tuskens?? Im talking about the original version 1977 sound, not the special edition or re-do. Also would love to get the gurgled/alien speech that Bossk does during the bounty hunter meeting in ESB. Thanx

Do you have any more lightsaber sounds? Like…. Just
lightsaber being on…humming? Striking another light saber? Being
swung through the air.

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