Star Wars Icons

We have over a hundred icons for download in this zip file. From R2D2 to Yoda, everyone’s in here! Enjoy.

Download (88 Kbytes)

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Umm, the icons zipped folder isn’t working… when you go to unzip it, there’s nothing in there… cool site, though.

hay whats up,I downloaded the zip and it has nothing to extract????
Must be the influence from the Dark Side…...uuuuuFFFFF…...
Must focus and Use the Force my jedi Devan

@Shane, thanks for the correct link. Sorry about the trouble to everyone else. I have corrected the link in the main body of the page now.

@ random guy
Use icons for desktop shortcuts. Place and icon in the program folder you want it to represent and change the icon in the shortcut’s Properties (right-click it).

Surely, the icons is totally great. But I suggest that you post the IconX of Star Wars.

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