Flags of our Clones

So how does one spend an idle Friday evening, armed with a camera, some action figures and a poor imagination? Behold:
Clones of our Fathers

Dark Flag of our Clones
Do you feel lucky?
The Bad and the Ugly
Ecstasy of Gold

I will do more of these soon. Inspired by the Stormtroopers 365 project.

2 replies on “Flags of our Clones”

is there a picture of england because i live in england and i had the whole 501st leigon with a commander leading them but i dont know what his name was and they had real guns but they didnt fire lasers they fired um… bullets thats it wait hang on and they gave me a whole clone trooper suit but the good thing is i got a gun to including the helmet that changes your voice and you dont have to press a button to say anything like a clone its automatic.

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