Cheats: Episode 1: The Phantom Menace on PC

Cheat mode:
Press [Backspace] during game play, then type one of the following codes in the dialogue window to activate the corresponding cheat function. A message will appear to confirm correct code entry. Note: Some codes may be entered a second time to disable or double their features.


Full health1: give me life
Full health1: heal it up
Play as Queen Amidala: iamqueen
Play as Qui-Gon Jin: iamquigon
Play as Panaka: iampanaka
Play as Obi-Wan again: iamobi
Letterbox view: beyond cinema
Overhead view: from above
First person view: naughty naughty
Wire frame view: perf
Wire frame menus: rex
Slow motion mode: slowmo
60 fps frame rate: 60fps
View frame rate: fps
Auto-fire/attack: perfection
View credits: where is gurshick
View credits: gurshick
Wavering graphics: drop a beat
Kill self: donttttt
Kill self: rrrrright
Kill self: kill me now
Debug mode2: oldcode
All weapons, full ammo1: i like to cheat
Lower difficulty: i really stink
Lower difficulty: i stink
Increased difficulty: i rule the world
Push force power color changed to red: but i feel so good
Weapon 3: is more powerful happy
Disable cheats3: turntables
“Tech Bonus!”: message brenando

1. This may only be done five times, and will increase the game’s difficulty level.
2. Enter this code once for Debug 1 and a second time for Debug 2.
3. This code also shrinks and enlarges various enemies and characters.

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