Super Star Wars

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Super Star Wars; the game with which it all started. The best Classic Star Wars Game I've ever played.

Super Star Wars was originally produced for the SNES only - that's why it's called Super Star Wars; because it was for the Super NES - but later it was made for the PC as well.

The game follows the story of the original Star Wars film completely. At first you take Luke Skywalker through the deserts of Tatooine, meeting up with 3PO, R2 and Ben. Then you continue through the rude Mos Eisly town, complete with cantina. You meet with Han and Chewie - from that point you can choose with which character you play the level - and fly the Millennium Falcon to the Death Star. There you have to save princess Leia and escape the battle station. Finally, you pilot an X-Wing and battle the immense Death star.

As I said, the plot follows the film exactly. Super Star Wars is very nice to play; the graphics are not bad, the sound is in stereo; the gameplay is great. The SNES definately was one of the most advanced systems used for games. Without harming; Super Star Wars is worth downloading.

- Super Star Wars: 4 / 5

The ZIP file contains:
- Super Star Wars for the PC

File name: (4,65 MB)

Additional Notes:
There are some problems unzipping Super Star Wars. WinZip will extract the files to a temporarely folder. Then it will launch the Setup program, in which you can configure the sound. After that, WinZip will erase the temporarely files and tells you the unzip is complete.

Wrong. Instead of opening the Setup program, WinZip should open the Install file. To do this, minimize WinZip after it has extracted the files to a temporarely file. Then go to c:\Windows\temp and let Windows Explorer search for a file called Ssw. Open the directory in which it is located and you will see the Super Star Wars files. From there, launch the Install program and install the game will be successfully installed in the folder Ssw. After that, let WinZip cancel the further installation. It will automatically erase the temporarely files.

You will also need to use EMM386 or another program like that to play Super Star Wars. There also is a high possibility that your sound card will not be detected in that mode.

To avoid all this problems, download the original SNES titles and emulator, which works without any problems.

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