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Some years ago, I played my first Star Wars game ever. It was the old Super Star Wars for the PC. I still owe that game, and I know how I liked the gameplay and heroic music; although I didn't even know it was Star Wars - I wasn't a fan at that time. Super Star Wars was very hard to play, and because you couldn't save your game, it took several months before I had finished it.

Not long after that, I deleted the game from my computer, and I had already lost the CD-ROM. More important: I became a Star Wars fan. And I began to collect the great LucasArts games.

Some years after that, I realized what I had done by deleting Super Star Wars from my PC. The game wasn't available anymore; and without it my collection wouldn't be complete. I went in every store I could find, asking for the game that had started my Star Wars owness - hardly anybody could even remember the game.

So you can imagine how excited I was when I found the game several months ago on the web. I downloaded it at once, and I adored the Rebel Fanfare being played in the main menu, something I couldn't have done for years.

For all those Star Wars game fanatics, who started playing with the Star Wars Arcade Game or Super Star Wars, with the NES or the GameBoy, for those for which Classic Star Wars Gaming is more than just bad screens and awful sounds, for those like me, I've set up the Classic Star Wars Gaming section, to adore the games played once…

In this section, you will find the following things:

- At first, and of course the main subject, the Classic Star Wars Games; you can fully download them.

- For some systems (such as the SNES and NES) you will need an emulator to play the games. These are included in the ZIP file, and you can install them in the same directory.

- With some games, I found some problems installing and running. For those ones I added a little manual to get them up and running without problems.

- All the games will have a little article, technical information, and a rating. This section is devoted to the legendary game Super Star Wars, and to the classic gamers who once played the old games; and can do again now. After all this, I can just say one thing: Enjoy…

TheVader- Darkest Lord of the Galaxy

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