Star Wars on the Super Nintendo

About the Games:
The SNES games were made by LucasArts and the titles made for this system are very advanced.

At first, Super Star Wars is a game with a high quality and gameplay. It follows the film exactly and takes you through the Tatooine desert, Mos Eisly, various caves, an asteroid field, the Death Star, and finally you'll find yourself behind the controls of an X-Wing to destroy the battle station.

Its sequel, Super The Empire strikes back, has more advanced controls, which make Luke easier to use. The plot is the same as the film, so you will battle Walkers from a Snowspeeder, shoot Tie Fighters in space, and fight the evil Darth Vader in a lightsaber battle. The game also includes the ability to use Force powers, which you were not able to do in Super Star Wars.

The last game, Super Return of the Jedi, was not such a success as its two prequels. The game is, even on the easiest difficulty, extremely hard to play. Super Return of the Jedi also follows the plot of the film, so you will battle enemies from Jabba's palace to the second Death Star, where you will confront Emperor Palpatine. The graphics and sounds are the same as Super The Empire strikes back, but the high difficulty makes the game not as nice to play as its prequels.

- Super Star Wars: 4 / 5
- Super The Empire strikes back: 4 / 5
- Super Return of the Jedi: 3 / 5

The ZIP file contains:
- a SNES emulator, which you need to play the games.
- Super Star Wars for the SNES.
- Super The Empire strikes back for the SNES.
- Super Return of the Jedi

File name: (4,63 MB)

Additional Notes:
Your sound card may not be detected in Windows. To avoid that problem, open the emulator and play the games in DOS mode.

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