Star Wars Sabacc

About the Game:
Sabacc is the ultimate card game in the Star Wars universe, played by smugglers and pirates, but also by honest civilians. There are many forms of Sabacc, all with different card values and rules. All of this forms are included in the Sabacc game for Windows. You can play with the Old Republic rules, the Imperial Rules, the Cloud City Casino rules and every other form.

The cards have pictures taken from Star Wars books and encyclopedia's, and some of the films. There is a large helpdesk included in the game, in which you can find the specific rules for a game. There are also little sound effects included, which make the game very nice to play, along with the great gameplay. This is truly one of the best free Star Wars games available. It'll take some time before you understand the rules, but then the game is very nice to play.

- Sabacc: 4 / 5

The ZIP file contains:
- Sabacc for Windows

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