Star Wars Role Playing Game

About the Game:
It is unknown by almost everyone, but there has really been made a Star Wars RPG. However, I have to add it's made by a fan, not a company.

The Star Wars RPG is completely text-based, so it runs on every computer. The story begins on Tatooine, in a familiar cantina… From there, you can explore the desert, space port, or town. You can earn money, buy or sell things. On the way, the story is told and finally you'll find a hidden Rebel base, from which several Rebels attack Imperial bases. You'll get part of the conflict and battle the Imperial scum on the planet.

The game is quite small, but it's very difficult to play. But, don't worry, there is a save option. It's very easy to discuss the sound and graphics: there aren't any! But however, the gameplay is nice.

- Star Wars RPG: 3 / 5

The ZIP file contains:
- Star Wars Role Playing Game second edition

File name: (458 KB)

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