Star Wars on the GameBoy

About the Games:
There has been made three Star Wars games for the GameBoy, all made by LucasArts.

The Star Wars game made for the GameBoy is exactly the same as the NES title, so it has the same vage graphics and of course, a worse sound. The graphics are not coloured, because the standard GameBoy cannot project colours, other than black and white. Because the game is equal to the NES title, it follows the film and takes you to the same places. The game is not as good as the NES title, because it lacks colours and good sound, but for a GameBoy it's not bad. The Empire strikes back for the GamBoy is also the same as the NES version, but of course without any colours. The game is a little better playable than its prequel, because the interface is better. The screen is less vague than the NES title, which is very important for a GameBoy game.

The last Star Wars game made for the GameBoy is, of course, Return of the Jedi. But notice that it's not a NES title - there hasn't been made a ROTJ version for the NES, anyway - but the SNES title. Super Return of the Jedi is exactly the same as the SNES game, so it's better than the two other GameBoy titles. However, I would have expected that a GameBoy could not play such an advanced game like Super Return of the Jedi, but I was wrong. The game is quite good, anyway.

- Star Wars: 2 / 5
- The Empire strikes back: 2,5 / 5
- Super Return of the Jedi: 3 / 5

The ZIP file contains:
- a GameBoy emulator needed to play the games.
- Star Wars for the GameBoy
- The Empire strikes back for the GameBoy
- Return of the Jedi for the GameBoy

File name: (458 KB)

Additional Notes:
You must run the GameBoy emulator in DOS; that means: Windows' DOS (so the one in the 'Programs' section of the Start menu). There, type: c:\cd GameBoy and push enter. Then type: gb97 starwars, gb97 empire, or gb97 jedi, according to the game you want to play.

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