Star Wars Betting Game

About the Game:
The Star Wars Betting Game has been made by a fan, using icons and Windows screens.

The game is very easy, and very simple. Before a race starts, choose how much money you want to bet, choose a ship, and push 'Start'. Then watch who wins, and lose or win money. The only thing you must be aware of is not to come under zero credits, then you lose.

There are four ships you can bet on, the X-Wing, Tie Fighter, Tie Interceptor, and the Millennium Falcon. If the race is on, you can still change the ship you bet on, so that makes it far to easy. The game looks good and runs under Windows only.

- Star Wars Betting Game: 2 / 5

The ZIP file contains:
-- Star Wars Betting Game

File name: (189 KB)


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