Star Wars Arcade Game

About the Game:
It's probably the oldest Star Wars game ever made for the PC. By Broderbund Software (Now Red Orb Entertainment), the game has been made for 286 computers.

In the Star Wars Arcade Game, also named 'Princess Leia's Rebel Force', you pilot an X-Wing and attack Imperial targets. These battles take place in space and you find yourself against Tie Fighters and Tie Advanceds. After such a dogfight, you enter a Death Star trench and finally you fire your torpedo's at the exhaust port. Then you fight another Tie Fighter battle (but harder), you approach a Death Star etc. So the game is built very simple. Also, the graphics exist of frames only. So no colours, except orange. The sound is provided from the PC Speaker, and there is, of course, no music. Surprisingly the game supports the keyboard, the mouse, and a joystick.

- Star Wars Arcade Game: 2 / 5

The ZIP file contains:
- Star Wars Arcade Game for PC

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Additional Notes:
The Star Wars Arcade Game runs extremely fast on modern computers; that means: everything faster than a 486. You can slow down the program a little using 'sw' instead of 'starwars', but still the game is unplayable fast. When the opening screen appears, touch the 'space' button. Then, push F1 to select your controls. 1 = keyboard (q = up, a = down, o = left, p = right, space = fire) 2 = mouse (move mouse to aim, left mouse button = fire) 3 = joystick (move joystick to aim, first joystick button = fire) 4 = return to game. Then, push space, click left, or push the button to go to the next screen, where you can choose your difficulty. After, that, the game will start.

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