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16th August, 2000

* New Message Board! Meesa tink yousa people gonna likea dis! This Message Board is part of our new site Pod Race Arena and are called the Arena Message Boards!

* Weesa going home!!! New Gungan pics in the Picture Gallery; meesa lika dis!

* Okeday; long time no spake! sorry for now updates in a long time. It seems now that the controversy; and to a certain extent hype, has died down, the only people who come to this site are pure Jar Jar Fans. And I mean pure. 


Please write in with submissions, help or comments for Jar Jar Kids.


We want more pictures, sounds, essays and general Jar Jar stuff! Send me anything you have!


"Jar Jar Binks is irritating. Kill Jar Jar. And his relatives too! He doesn't fit into the Starwars picture. He is a racial stereotype. I hate his pidgin English. If he is back in the subsequent prequels I am not coughing up nine bucks to see them..."

What is going on here? Can a computer generated character generate so much emotion, controversy and hype? What is wrong with us? Can't we see Jar Jar as just another adorable character; if not anything more? What has really transformed Jar Jar Binks from a plain old animated movie character, to an internet and media hype second only to Clinton's escapades!

If you don't like him, fine! Say it. Say it with pride, if it makes you feel good. But the issue has gone beyond just that, and there are people out there who feel strongly about it. It's just that, at the moment, the voice of the Anti-Jar Jar seems louder; only because that is what we are listening to...

Listen to your own voice. Listen to the voice of the Jar Jar Binks Fan Site.  I declare it open here and now! May the force be with yousa!

Write in with essays, comments, suggestions, anything related to Jar Jar and the Gungans! Make yourself heard. Tell people how much you appreciate the character. Don't let the anti-Jar Jar voice get so loud, that you believe it too...



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