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X-Wing #2
X-WING #3 The Krytos Trap
By Michael A. Stackpole
6.5 years after ANH

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This is the third book of a series of eight (so far) which highlights the exploits of the star -fighter pilots who get the job done when the fight against the Empire demands action-sequences.


You aren't likely to read book three without having first read books one and two, right? (If you hop around like that in this series, you are likely to feel a bit lost). And if you've read the first two books, you'll jump right into this one. In book one, Rogue Squadron, we met the pilots. In book two, Wedge's Gamble, we saw the espionage and behind-the-scenes efforts that enabled the Rebellion to capture the ruling planet of Coruscant. And in book three, The Krytos Trap, we follow up the planetary liberation with the Imperial detritus of a deadly plague, the drama of a courtroom battle, and the political struggles of an insurgency tryin