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Welcome to the wonderful world of GalaxyFarAway Literature!

About Us

My name is Karen, and Iím the (self-designated) GalaxyFarAway.com Star Wars Book Chick.

What weíve got here to start out, is a Star Wars literature timeline. This is not all-inclusive; weíll flesh this out with comics, and peripheral books as we go along. Weíll gradually delve into the non-fiction and the non-continuing-saga stuff too.

But this should get us going.

These books are the "must-reads" for everyone who wants a good sense of the whole Star Wars expanded-universe story-lines.

Included on this timeline, are title, author, time-frame (relative to both Star Wars: A New Hope, and in the later titles, relative as well to Star Wars: Return of the Jedi) , and a completely subjective quality rating. The ratings are based on a 5-point scale, and are simply one opinionated fanís (that would be meÖ) preferences.

Hereís how to use all this. If youíre new to the Star Wars book "thang", use this as a guide. I have found reading the books in some semblance of order in the timeline to be very enjoyable; you really get a sense of the gradual growth and changes in the characters and their universe. If youíre an "old hand" at the books, look at my ratings and letís discuss. (Play nice, pleaseÖ..) Iím a female fan, so my spin on some of this is perhaps a little different, and Iíd love to hear what you all think and why.

We wanted something simple and straightforward to start out with. Very soon, we will add plot synopses, and Iíll put in some more detailed reviews to provide back up to the ratings system.

I have loved the Star Wars movies from the beginning. The books have provided me with hours of additional pleasurable immersion in that universe, and have also greatly enriched my appreciation for everything that is the Star Wars experience. Enjoy!

And A Word from the Creator!
Thanks Karen, for helping me getting this thing off the ground!
At last we have a Books section; though only half-formed as yet! I, DevanJedi, will be contributing to this section with the name Rukh; and shall be working on the design, non-fiction and generally keeping things from falling apart!
To start things off, we have  a few reviews and a timeline from Karen; and a few tidbits by me. This is just a taste of things to come! Stay in touch!

In the first of the GalaxyFarAway.com Books Features, we have an exclusive interview with the Black Fleet Crisis Series author, Michael Kube-McDowell.
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